Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pearl Jam- You Are

This broken wheel is coming undone
And the road's exploding
But you're keeping me strong
Rolling along with you

Love is a tower
And you're the key
Leading me higher
When you let me in

Keeping us close, so close
On down the line

Sometimes I burn like a dot on the sun
With no one knowing
But you're keeping me strong
Moving along with you

You are a tower of
Strength to me
The darkening hour
Sees light again

Ooh wah, ooh wah, ooh wah, ooh wah, ooh wah
Ooh wah, ooh wah, you are, you are

Love is a tower
Of strength to me
I am the shoreline
But you're the sea

You are.

Έτσι για να θυμόμαστε κιόλας

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dear Akis

Αγαπημένε μας Akis, επιτέλους βρήκες το internetικό σου σπίτι, χωρίς (ελπίζουμε) βλάσφημους που θα μολύνουν το blog σου \, και χωρίς εμένα να χρειάζεται να επικαλούμαι τις δυνάμεις του United για να το κρατήσω αμόλυντο